a fellowship for Africa's content creators and storytellers

a creative lab for the next gen African storymaker

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The Fellowship

do you have the creative energy, the ideas, the compelling stories, the burning desire to contribute, to acquire and master the latest storytelling skills and tools? 

well, then. welcome to Amplify...brought to you by aKoma

a paid six month program designed to find, nurture, and unleash world class content creators and storytellers who will reshape and revolutionize the African narrative

Amplify is a much needed boost to the variety and quality of content and stories created in and outside of the continent about Africa. each Fellow is empowered to see beyond their current creative horizons, and tap into bigger and broader possibilities

“the future belongs to those who understand the fact that efforts to reduce you to a story must be matched by your own efforts to shine as a diversity of stories.”

— Pius Adesanmi, 'The Africa Just Outside of Your Hilton Hotel Window'